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Adaptador ISO/ISO Ref IS080/IS0100 - Edwards

  • Cód. Produto: 0488101481
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Adaptador Iso/Iso Ref Is080/Is0100   Edwards
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Vacuum Fittings in General
Edwards vacuum fittings are designed to be leak-tight in vacuum
applications. However, they are not intended to provide full structural
support. When designing vacuum systems, it is essential that
consideration be given to the static and dynamic loads imposed on
each connection. If necessary, additional mechanical support should
be provided.
Regular inspection including leak-checking and, where appropriate,
periodic replacement of components should be considered.
These accessories are primarily designed for vacuum applications
however some will withstand a small over-pressure, which is
indicated in the tables below where appropriate. For the purpose of
the European Union's Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC),
these items are considered to be piping for Group 2 gases (i.e. gas
mixtures which are not explosive, flammable, toxic or oxidising) and
are manufactured according to sound engineering practice as defined
within the Directive.

NW and ISO Flange Fittings
Choose the optimum material to match your application and budget.
Aluminium is ideal for achieving dependable cost-effective
performance down to 10-7 mbar. Edwards also offers 316L/DIN
1.4404 stainless steel fittings for rugged corrosion resistance in
semiconductor processing and excellent repeatability in high vacuum
applications. In addition, careful quality control of elastomer
specifications ensures critical sealing materials deliver the low
outgassing performance your vacuum system performance depends
on. Edwards attention to detail on all specifications delivers fit-andforget
dependability for your vacuum equipment.

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Especificações técnicas

Material: Aço inoxidável AISI 316L DIN 1.4404
Dimensão A: 110 mm
Dimensão B: 73 mm
Dimensão C: 105 mm
Dimensão D: 130 mm


Produto Material Dimensão A Dimensão B Dimensão D Dimensão C Preço Ações
IS0160/IS063 Aço inoxidável AISI 316L DIN 1.4404 95 mm 70 mm 180 mm 50 mm -
IS0160/IS080 Aço inoxidável AISI 316L DIN 1.4404 110 mm 73 mm 180 mm 242 mm -
IS080/IS063 Aço inoxidável AISI 316L DIN 1.4404 95 mm 60 mm 110 mm 105 mm -
IS0100/IS063 Aço inoxidável AISI 316L DIN 1.4404 95 mm 70 mm 130 mm 50 mm -
IS0160/IS0100 Aço inoxidável AISI 316L DIN 1.4404 130 mm 102 mm 180 mm 50 mm -
IS080/IS0100 Aço inoxidável AISI 316L DIN 1.4404 110 mm 73 mm 130 mm 105 mm -


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