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Alicate Multimétrico Série 400 Ref 2139.2 - AEMC® Instruments

Alicate Multimétrico Série 400 Ref 2139.2   Aemc® Instruments
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The AEMC® Clamp-on Meter Models 401, 403, 601 and 603 provide a new standard for safety and measurement capability not available in any other clamp-on meter sold today. With a safety rating of 1000V CAT IV, these meters are safe to operate at the source of the buildings electrical supply. In addition to the standard measurement of volts, amps, frequency, resistance and continuity, these meters offer several unparalleled features including: Measures TRMS Voltage and Current: 401 - 1000VAC/DC, 1000AAC; 403 - 1000VAC/DC, 1000AAC/1500ADC 601 - 1000VAC/DC, 2000AAC; 603 - 1000VAC/DC, 2000AAC/3000ADC; |True InRush???: Unlike other instruments which only measure InRush when the installation is first powered up, these clamp-on meters measure all types of InRush, even those due to load increases on an installation which is already up and running (this is an exclusive AEMC® feature). Both Peak and RMS InRush values are captured at a 1ms sample rate and 100ms duration windows. |Temperature: Measures temperature in °F or °C using a supplied K-type thermocouple. | Measures: Frequency to 20kHz and much more. | Add to this an IP54 environmental rating and you have a truly unique meter focused on user safety, as well as measurement performance.

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Especificações técnicas

Norma: CE
Frequência: 2 Thousand Hz
Abertura máxima da garra: 1.89 in
Resistência: Não
Tipo: Alicate multimétrico
Aplicação: Electrical maintenance
Grau de proteção: IP54


Produto Grau de proteção Tipo Frequência Aplicação Norma Resistência Abertura máxima da garra Preço Ações
2139.51 IP54 Alicate multimétrico 2 Thousand Hz Electrical testing and troubleshooting on non-loads, such as adjustable speed drives and computers CE Não 1.89 in -
87415 IP54 Alicate multimétrico 2 Thousand Hz Electrical power distribution CE Não 1.89 in -
2139.21 IP54 Alicate multimétrico 2 Thousand Hz Ac or dc motor testing CE Não 1.89 in -
87326 IP54 Alicate multimétrico 2 Thousand Hz Electrical maintenance CE Não 1.89 in -


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