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Anel Centragem c/Tela ISO Ref IS0100 - Edwards

  • Cód. Produto: 0488101584
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Anel Centragem C/Tela Iso Ref Is0100   Edwards
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The introduction of our Co-Seal represented a major advance in the
method of sealing NW and ISO flange connections. Discerning users
appreciate the benefits of a seal design which eliminates crevices and
trapped volumes. Our NW Co-Seals with polymer carriers offer a
more economical seal with even wider appeal.
A Co-Seal has a split outer ring, or carrier, which retains a moulded
elastomer sealing ring. When fitted, the inner face of the Co-Seal is
directly exposed to the vacuum system, eliminating any crevices or
trapped volumes which can generate gas bursts and inhibit pumpdown.
Unlike the regular centring-ring and O-ring, the NW Co-Seal is
fully restrained externally and is therefore suitable from 10-7 mbar to
10 bar. Available with either nitrile or fluoroelastomer seals.
For ISO bolted flanges, cut-outs around the external circumference of
the Co-Seal are positioned so that the securing bolts centralise the
Co-Seal precisely. For ISO collar flanges, claw clamps also centralise
the seal and are themselves spaced around the flange by the cut-outs
in the Co-Seal.

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Especificações técnicas

Material: Aço inoxidável AISI 316L DIN 1.4404
Dimensão A: 102 mm
Dimensão B: 3.9 mm
Dimensão C: 8 mm


Produto Material Dimensão A Dimensão B Dimensão C Preço Ações
IS063 Aço inoxidável AISI 316L DIN 1.4404 70 mm 3.9 mm 8 mm -
IS080 Aço inoxidável AISI 316L DIN 1.4404 83 mm 3.9 mm 8 mm -
IS0160| Aço inoxidável AISI 316L DIN 1.4404 153 mm 3.9 mm 8 mm -
IS0100 Aço inoxidável AISI 316L DIN 1.4404 102 mm 3.9 mm 8 mm -


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