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Controle Remoto Industrial Série Espectrum Ex Ref Spectrum Ex - HBC Radiomatic

Controle Remoto Industrial Série Espectrum Ex Ref Spectrum Ex   Hbc Radiomatic
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LCD feedback
The display allows for the clear indication of diverse crane and machine data, warnings and error notifications - a considerable increase in safety.

radiomatic® report (optional)
This feature protects the control from unauthorized use. It enables the blocking of safety-relevant functions for non- authorized users as well as the storage of useful operational data.

radiomatic® SLOG
The intelligent electronic key enables the quick activation of a spare transmitter in case the transmitter is damaged. This results in easy service without expensive downtime.

Frequency management (optional)
The fully automated 2.4 GHz technology ensures interruption-free radio operation without frequency conflicts in areas with many radio users.

Safety features (optional)
In emergencies, radiomatic®shock-off/ zero-g can trigger an automatic shutdown of the control and thus ensure additional safety.

Further details:
??? Up to 3 joysticks or up to 8 linear levers / numerous push buttons, toggle or rotary switches (maintained / spring-return) / STOP impact switch.
??? LED for indication of operation / battery status.
??? radiomatic® iLOG for the quick activation of a spare transmitter.
??? 2 rechargeable NiMH exchange batteries, approx. 9 hours of continuous operating time.
??? Robust plastic housing, protection class IP 65.
??? Weight: approx. 2 kg (4.4 lbs.) including battery.
??? Manual frequency switch.
??? Further options: 2.4 GHz technology, radiomatic® AFS, tandem operation, catch-release, z-axis switches, enabling switch, cable control.
??? Carrying method: Leather hip belt.

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