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Controle Remoto Industrial Série Micron 7 Ex Ref Micron 7 Ex - HBC Radiomatic

Controle Remoto Industrial Série Micron 7 Ex Ref Micron 7 Ex   Hbc Radiomatic
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Integrated color LCD
The LCD allows for the display of diversefeedback data, e.g. load weight. Severalsettings, e.g. brightness, can be easilyperformed by the operator.

Ideal for the most diverse Ex zones
The micron 7 Ex has numerous Exapprovals. With these, the transmitteris suited for the safe and reliable usein diverse fields of application.

10 push buttons + 2 rotary switches
Through its wide package of high-qualityoperating elements, the micron 7 Exenables the convenient control of deman-ding applications with an extensive rangeof functions.

radio malic- report (optional)
This feature protects the control fromunauthorized use. It enables the blockingof safety-relevant functions for non-authorized personnel as well as thestorage of useful operational data.

radiomatic* iLOG
The intelligent electronic key enables thequick activation of a spare transmitter incase the transmitter is damaged. Thisresults in easy service without expensivedowntime.

Further details
• Color LCD with transparent, self-healing protection cover.
• 10 two-step HBC push buttons plus 2 rotary switches(maintained / spring-return) / STOP impact switch.
• LED for indication of operation / battery status.
• radiomatic® iLOG for the quick activation of a spare transmitter.
• 2 rechargeable NiMH exchange batteries, approx. 9 hours ofcontinuous operation.
• Robust plastic housing, protection class IP 65.
• Weight: 550 g (1.2 lbs.) including battery.
• Integrated rubber impact protection.
• Carrying method: belt clip (optional with carrying bag).• Manual frequency switch.
• Further options: radiomatic* AFS (Automatic Frequency Selection),catch-release, tandem operation, radiomatic* shock-off/zero-g(roll-detect in preparation), pre-selection of trolley / hoist,customized labeling.

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