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Filtros de Carvão Série CamCarb Mounting Frames Ref G16 - Camfil

  • Cód. Produto: 0366501019
  • Fabricante:
Filtros De Carvão Série Cam Carb Mounting Frames Ref G16   Camfil
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Filtros De Carvão Série Cam Carb Mounting Frames Ref G16   Camfil
Filtros De Carvão Série Cam Carb Mounting Frames Ref G16   Camfil
Camfil’s CamCarb mounting plate is the dedicated mounting method for all CamCarb filters and ensures reliable, leak-free service.

Three standard sizes are available that be combined to suit any AHU, duct or plenum size. Each modular base plate is pre-punched with holes for assembly to the next item by bolting.Alternatively, the assembly can be welded. The construction can be made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. Two different gauges of metal are available to suit the two different sizes of CamCarb cylinders (2,600 and 3,500 m3/hr).

Application: Dedicated mounting frames to ensure leak-free installation of CamCarb molecular filters in AHUs, ducts and plenums.Applicable filters: CamCarb Metal and CamCarb Green in 2600 and 3500 sizes. (Note always specific filter type when ordering as base plate thickness may vary to accommodate different weights of filters).Material: Galvanised steel or stainless steel (specify with order)

Modular design adaptable for all types of installationsRapid fitting system via bayonet fittingQuick and easy serviceThree standard sizesAssembly by bolting , rivets, welding

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Especificações técnicas

Vazão: 4.333 Million l/min
Peso: 6 kg
Tipo: Enchimento solto
Altura: 610 mm
Largura: 610 mm
Material: Aço inox
Dimensão H: 610 mm
Dimensão w: 610 mm
Elemento filtrante: Carvão Ativado


Produto Material Largura Altura Peso Tipo Dimensão H Dimensão w Vazão Elemento filtrante Preço Ações
CamCarb Mounting Frames G8 Aço galvanizado 610 mm 305 mm 5 kg Enchimento solto 305 mm 610 mm 4.333 Million l/min CamCarb -
CamCarb Mounting Frames G16 Aço inox 610 mm 610 mm 6 kg Enchimento solto 610 mm 610 mm 4.333 Million l/min Carvão Ativado -
CamCarb Mounting Frames G12 Camcarb 610 mm 508 mm 5.7 kg Painel 508 mm 610 mm 4.333 Million l/min CamCarb -


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